Purpose. Power. Possibility.


It's time to STOP your AUTO-PILOT, and START living a life that's aligned with your PURPOSE!

There is a group of Purposeful Elites that is slowly growing. The people in this group do work that's aligned with their purpose, passions, talents and strengths. They live happy and fulfilled lives by combining their power of purposeful intention with the technological opportunities of the 21st Century. You'd already know if you were in this group and if you're not in this group, this course is the fastest, most effective way to join their ranks and fully transform your life.

Over the past two decades Linal Harris, a transformative ontological coach and trainer has been living a life aligned with his purpose and experiencing the powerful benefits of purposeful living. Now, for the first time Linal is sharing his highly acclaimed live workshop, Purpose. Power. Possibility. with the entire globe via this online course.

Get Linal's foundational, succinct training for living a life of purpose, making decisions aligned with that purpose, linking your purpose to a personal identity, discovering your personal power and life’s possibilities.

It's time to live a life aligned with your purpose and experience the true happiness and fulfillment it brings.

Linal's NEW online training program will succinctly teach you:

  • Why you aren't reaching your fullest potential.
  • Why having a life's purpose matters.
  • How purpose is linked to your possibilities and your internal seed of GREATNESS.
  • What has poisoned the purpose of billions over the last few centuries.
  • How to make BIG life decisions aligned with your purpose.
  • How purpose links to your personal identity.
  • How to increase your confidence and self-esteem with clarity on your personal identity.
  • How to define your life's purpose and create a personal purpose statement.
  • How to discover your innate, unique internal POWER.
  • How to handle the challenges of life more effectively using your purpose.
  • How to create possibility through the lens of your life's purpose and power.
  • How to use your purpose to pursue your life's possibilities and achieve GREATNESS.

Signup right now and you'll get:

  • Access to a private Facebook group for workshop alumni moderated by Linal Harris.
  • The coveted Purpose. Power. Possibility. Workbook. (download)
  • The option to receive daily motivational text messages.
  • Premium access and discounts on future offers.
  • FREE follow-up coaching as needed as you progress through each module.

This course will help you gain more clarity on your purpose. If you know your purpose…this is an opportunity to do a litmus test on how your life is aligning to that purpose. 

If you don’t know your purpose this is an opportunity for you to begin gaining more clarity on who you are and why you are on the planet. 

It is our belief that purpose provides access to the seed of greatness we all have inside. That greatness is our life force and we’ve all experienced glimmers of that greatness that gives us evidence that its there. 

To be great is to know your purpose and live a life aligned with that purpose... 

Commit to your greatness today and register for this life-changing workshop!


What attendees say about this course...

"I’ve been to so many workshops and I can honestly say that this was the best investment I have ever made in my life... All I can say to you is, if you are looking to tap into your passion and to tap into your purpose, this is a course that you need to take. I say thumbs up!” ~ Terry C.

"Linal Harris is gifted in assisting you to dig deep and shift your thought process... You will have several ah-ha moments, laughs, cries and you will be inspired. But most of all, you will have an evolved mindset. This course is more than worth the investment...so invest in yourself NOW!!" ~ Ericka S. J.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

The Purpose. Power. Possibility. online course has a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason at all, ask for your money back and receive a complete no-hassle refund.


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