Discover the LINK to your African ancestry and POWERFUL Identity!

Watch this video of testimonies and transformation where Linal Harris shares his story and perspective on his first pilgrimage to Africa along with others who made this powerful journey to Ghana for the first time.

It's Time To Discover The Missing Link:

In most American schools, African Americans learn that their history started with slavery. I can still remember how ashamed and disempowered I felt when I was told that my ancestors were slaves. Later as an adult I became increasingly curious about my ancestry and Black Identity. This curiosity led me down a broken trail to create my family tree. Finally, after many years of searching, I gathered the information I needed from DNA testing and research.

What I found was a new truth. Slavery is only a stage in the story of the African American. The full story must include the narrative and history of the free and noble African that later became a slave in the Americas. In this story, I discovered the empowering truth of my identity. A truth that has left me inspired, motivated and truly present to my POWER!

I found this truth in my studies of historical writings and books but nothing compared to the experience and truth I encountered on the West Coast of Africa in Ghana where many African American's have ancestral roots.

That journey and this truth has transformed my life and the lives of many others who have returned home to Africa and now I want to share this transformational truth with you!

We're Going Back, To Move Forward...

The Journey Back Home Begins October 24, 2019 and return home transformed November 3, 2019. 

Join us on the next Transformational Tour to Ghana and you'll get:

  • VIP ticket to the 2020 Murder Mediocrity Summit in Chicago, on April 4, 2020. ($300)
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  • African Ancestry DNA results before leaving for Ghana ($300 value)
  • Two Group Orientations to Prepare for Africa ($400 value)
  • Ghanaian Visa Processing ($100 value)
  • Airfare from ORD to Accra ($1400 value)
  • Ten Day Tour of Ghana with Lodging - Breakfast & Dinner included ($3000 value)
  • Two - Reclaiming Your Identity - Group Coaching Sessions is Ghana with Journaling Workbook ($1200 value)
  • African naming Ceremony in Ghana (Priceless)


All of this comes to a total of $8,000

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More on the Impact of Ghana!

Back in March 2018, I joined MTV Host, Dometi Pongo, on a journey to Ghana to film a documentary that would unveil the truth about the identities of Blacks in the United States. This work resulted in the beginning of what is now the Transformational Tour of Ghana. The documentary which will be titled, "The Last Lie: Unveiling Black Identity" is currently in post-production.

A preview of the Ghana experience

This Is Your Time

Join Linal Harris and a host of inspired travelers on the pilgrimage back home to "Reclaim Your Identity"! 


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