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"Slay Your Goals" Audiobook

This is a 50 minute audiobook read and narrated by author, Linal Harris.

You can listen to this audio conveniently and repeatedly, while learning the '5 Simple Tips For Setting and Achieving Your Life Goals'.

The "Goal-Setting Compilation" Audio Series

This is a 90 minute compilation of invaluable snippets that Linal Harris has shared on goal-setting throughout his six year tenure on the Inspirational Perspective Show, which AIRS on WVON 1690 AM at 7:00 AM every Sunday.

"How To Take Yourself To The Next Level" Audio Series

This is a 110 minute compilation derived from Linal Harris' recent radio series on the topic. This audio series will teach you how to envision and achieve your next level, avoid common pitfalls, and inspire you to set audacious goals to create your future.


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