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We serve people who are serious about their self development, believe in their birthright of GREATNESS and strive to Murder Mediocrity®.

Insights 4 Life™ Transformational Travel Tour of Ghana with Linal Harris

Join us this fall (October/November) in Ghana to discover the missing links of your identity and undergo an empowering, insightful life changing transformation and experience!

It's Time To Return Home

The majority of African American in the United States have ancestral linkage to West Africa. If the imagery and colors of Ghana in this video resonated, what would being there feel like?

Free Audio Download: The Importance of Knowing Your Purpose with Linal Harris

In this 90 minute audio compilation you will learn why having a life's purpose matters, how purpose links to your personal identity and how to tap into your personal power and water your seed of GREATNESS.


Watch the Founder share his story in our Purpose. Power. Possibility. Online Coaching Experience promo.

The key to unlocking your GREATNESS is knowing your life's purpose.

Purpose operates like a funnel.

Living your life aligned with your purpose funnels your passions, gifts and talents into a concentrate that creates GREATNESS!

Make this memorable investment in your life and BE GREAT!

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"I’ve been to so many workshops and I can honestly say that this was the best investment I have ever made in my life... All I can say to you is, if you are looking to tap into your passion and to tap into your purpose, this is a course that you need to experience...two thumbs up!"

Terry D.
Relationship Coach & Author

"Great course that is full of lots of information that we know exist somewhere inside of us but just needs to be pulled out. It gave me a starting point to know where to drive my life and where I should be going. Linal Harris does a phenomenal job of pushing you outside of your comfort zone to fully experience your life’s true possibilities."

Linda B.
Executive Assistant

"Linal Harris is gifted with assisting you in digging deep to shift your thought process... You will have ah-ha moments, laughs, cries and you will be inspired...but most of all, you will have an evolved mindset when you complete this course. This workshop is more than worth the invest in yourself NOW!!"

Ericka J.
Life Coach & Author

"This course left me feeling driven and ready to attack life! I’m so eager about life and hungry to achieve my possibilities. The tools I discovered during this course have given me clarity on what actions to take on a weekly and daily basis. Thanks for changing my life!"

Tiffini C.
Personal Fitness Trainer

"This course helped me write down and understand my purpose and how to ensure that I was pursuing my purpose in my career. I was so excited about gaining insights that I never had before, that I signed up for one on one coaching. After each coaching session, I became clearer about my goals and how to fulfill them through creating a plan, changing the media that I consume and much more, which you'll find out about when you sign up. If you believe in finding and fulfilling your life's purpose, I recommend that you work with Linal."

Christian M.
Retail Account Manager & Gift Whisperer

Invest In Your Transformation!

Are you willing to bet on yourself?

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Purpose. Power. Possibility.


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Meet the Founder, Linal Harris

Murder Mediocrity is a subsidiary and trademarked brand of Inspirational Perspective Publishing, LLC. 

Harris created this polarizing and provocative brand to serve as a reminder that true success is not achieved with average effort! 

Living the best life possible takes purposeful intention and the eradication of the cancerous traits of mediocrity. 

Inspirational Perspective Radio

Tune in to listen to Linal Harris, Chicago's very own life coach, at 10 PM CST, on WVON 1690 AM - The Talk of Chicago.

Watch the show on Facebook Live or Periscope by following @LinalHarris

Not in Chicago? Download the iHeart radio app to your smart phone or tablet or go to to listen live! Check out the latest show here!

Slay Your Goals in 2018 - FREE eBook Download

5 Tips For Achieving Your Resolutions or Goals

Informative, easy to read eBook with scientific, research backed tips and life coaching secrets.


On March 31st the Murder Mediocrity Summit & Experience was a SOLD OUT transformational success!

Details on next year's Summit and future events will be available HERE soon.

Check out pictures of the event by clicking the link below:

Murder Mediocrity 2018 Summit Photos

Purpose. Power. Possibility.

Live aligned wth your purpose, tap into your personal power, and discover your life's true possibilities.


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